Alumni Association

The main goal of the Pharmaceutical Education is to prepare the Pharmacist to play a key role in the Health-Care Team as the expert on drug products and their usage. Collective working gives synergy. Success of the venture lies in co-operation of the complimentary organizations.
The BVIOP Alumni Association has the objective of fostering stronger ties between BVIOP and its alumni, besides providing for opportunities for alumni to interact with other alumni.
Association activities are being conducted long back since year 2008 before the actual registration of the association in the year 2010. Alumni association aims at promoting and helping our students to get placements in Industries, Teaching, and Research Institutes and also offers guidance for pursuing advanced education both in India and abroad.
The first alumni meet was conducted on 4th April 2008 which was received good response. Since then it is being held every year. The alumni meet gives platform for interaction amongst the alumni and guidance for the undergraduate students.
Various events are being conducted by BVIOP Alumni Association throughout the year. Alumni share their experiences and knowledge with the students in the lectures arranged by the BVIOP Alumni Association. The alumni are resourceful people for the development of activities in the institute.